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A.        We make heat pump, solar heater and water tank with 2 factories.

B.        Suggestion and recommendation of relative hot water heating products (radiator, fan coil, thermal pipe, air conditioner, pool accessories etc).

C.        Eco-solution Consulting (which our model is most recommended?).

D.        Market Consulting (what heat pump, solar heater or hydrolic sytem are recommended for your country?).

E.         Price Policy (you need your own pricing?).

F.         Installation Guidance (tips for installation).

G.        Crew Training (technical knowledge and latest news offered).

H.        Purchasing Agent & QC (would like to help you purchase other products).

I.          After-Sales Service (powerful technical support offered).

J.          Win-Win Strategy (for long-term partnership).

K.        Others.

Generally, 15~20 days are needed for purchasing all components once an order is made.


Then another 2~7 days are needed for assembling, multi-testing, commissioning, packing. Some complicated new design might take longer time because a sample should be made and tested before its massive production.


A.         Heat pump accessories (rubber mat, LCD/LED controller panel, wall-mounted controller box, sensor wire, draining valve etc), user manual, serial code number, stickers (LOGO, warning sign etc) are needed to go with each model.

B.         Original sample should be made before massive production if a model is of new design.

C.         Model code (serial NO. is put on each heat pump, package box, user manual and technical paper of manufacturer.


To ensure our high quality, each detail from designing the heat pump system to package must be focused.

1)      Before an order is made by our customer, detailed requirements are discussed to make a practical solution and make sure the heat pump will meet exactly customers needed and market.


2)      Once an order is confirmed, a meeting is organized by all departments, generally, including administrative manager, manufacture manager, purchasing manager, sales manager, technician and engineer. The order schedule is made.


3)      All the components back to our factory from each supplier will be inspected and tested.


4)      When the heat pumps are assembled on the production line, some tests are undertaken at the same time such Copper pipe leaking testing, pressure testing, electrical testing. A technical paper and serial code number goes with each heat pump for better tracking. The technicians go around to supervise the assembling to make sure each unit is made in the correct way.


5)      After leaking test, right volume of gas (R410A gas is the gas we used for all kinds of heat pumps) will be filled automatically by gas filling device. Second leaking test will be made by sniffer device in a small closed room.


6)      Electrical box will be put on the heat pump after sniffer checking.


7)      Commissioning room can test 3~6 heat pumps at the same time depending on the heat pump size. 30~45 minutes is taken for the commissioning. For any new system or model, we will make a sample first before massive production. The sample will be tested for at least 1 day in our lab under several conditions of different ambient temperature and water outlet temperature.


8)      Electrical safety testing is made after commissioning. This is the final test.


9)      Blowing the internal side of each heat pump is needed in order to make sure the heat pump is very dry before package (if some water is left inside of a heat pump, rust will be brought after long time sea way delivery from our factory to abroad).


10)   Package: for sample order, carton box with Styrofoam inside and timber support for the whole heat pump body are used; for container order, carton box with Styrofoam inside and straps are used. Occasionally, plywood packing is used on the carton box according to some customers need.

Updated: August 13, 2014

Model: SJB-30G

Input power: 3.3kw

Input voltage; AC 220~240V

Input frequency: 50/60 Hz

Overheat protection temp.: 50C

Dry heating protection temp.: 70C

Hot water flow: 2~5L

Safety class: IP25

Working pressure: 0.02~0.6 MPa

Net weight: 1.9kg



1.       High-class stainless steel materials for body and heating tube.

2.       Instant for hot water, no wait, no waste.

3.       Built-in physical electricity guard.

4.       Overheat protection; heating mode will be switched off automatically at 50C.

5.       Manual water and power control switch & Automatic mechanical water pressure switch, double control mode completely for avoiding dry heating.

6.       Easy installation, power cord and leakage protection plug are equipped with the appliance.

7.       The nozzle is rotatable in 120.



Other Information:

Loading Capacity: 3000/6000/7000 pcs (20"/40"/40HQ)

Lead time: 25~30 days

Warranty: 1 year guarantee

Certificate: CE, CB, IEC, ISO, RoHS

Package: carton box with Polyurethane bag inside


More details can be referred to by the link:


Updated: April 10, 2014

2014 Poland International Renewable Energy Fair

Fair Address: Glogowska street 14, 60-734 Poznan, Poland.

Date: May 13~15, 2014.

Our booth NO.: Pavilion. 8A Booth 17.


Warm welcome any customer to visit and discuss.


Updated: January 8, 2014

Please note that January 31 is our 2014 Chinese New Year Festival.

Our two factories are closed during January 23~February 10, 2014.


2014s is the year of the horse, the spirit of the horse is recognized to be the Chinese peoples ethos: making unremitting efforts to improve themselves.

It is energetic, bright, warm-hearted, intelligent and able.

Domestic monobloc heat pumps for 55 hot water solution:

3.8kw (82L/h); 5.4kw (116L/h); 7.6kw (163L/h); 9.3kw (200L/h).


Selection of Installation Site:

1.       Installation must be simple and allow easy access for maintenance work.

2.       If the unit is to be installed on the floor, its undercarriage should be heightened, to avoid ingression of accumulated water in rainy season. In snowy areas, it is important to prevent accumulated snow from blocking up the air-out. The recommended height is 20cm to 50cm.



3.       Drain ditch or other facilities should be arranged under the outdoor unit, to avoid the environment influence because of water discharge.

4.       To install the unit at balcony or top of building, the installation site must meet the allowable bearing capacity of building structure, without affecting the structural safety.

5.       Ensure the unit is well ventilated, direction of air exhaust is kept away from windows of neighboring buildings, and the exhaust air cannot flow back. Moreover, adequate service clearance should be kept around the unit.

6.       The unit should not be installed at places accompanied with oil, inflammable gas, corrosive components, e.g. sulfur compound, or high frequency equipment.

7.       The unit must be installed on reliable base or framework. Weight capacity of framework should be 3 times of the body weight, and safeguard measures should be taken to avoid malfunction of fastenings.

8.       The unit should not be installed at sites with typhoon/earthquake hazards. Midair installation should be avoided as much as possible as machine falling down may result in severe accident.

9.       Do not install the heat pump close to a road or path to avoid mud splashing on the unit.

10.   Keep, whenever possible, the unit out of reach of children.


Referred installation diagram:

Electric Connection:

1.       Electrical installation and service must be carried out under the supervision of a qualified electrician.

2.       The electrical power supply to the heat pump must be protected with a fuse and isolator switch (not provided) in compliance with standards and regulations valid in the country in which the system is to be installed.

3.       The unit is designed for connection to a general power supply with full earth and neutral or neutral earth systems.

4.       Important remarks:

1)      A voltage variation of 10% during operation is acceptable.

2)      The electrical supply conduits must be securely fastened.

3)      The cable must be suitable for outdoor use.

4)      Use a cable gland to pass the power supply cable into the heat pump unit.


Installation Photo for Reference:

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